How to Fix Start Issues in MacBook after Update

Some MacBook users report that their MacBook device is not booting up after it gets updated to macOS high Sierra or older macOS Sierra. Actually, these issues are related to the third party software that is running on your MacBook device. If you’re MacBook have such problems while starting up after it gets updated to the high versions of macOS, here are some useful information that you people need to follow in order to eliminate those problems.

Steps to do to fix Apple MacBook Starting Issues after update

Here are some steps that Apple Support provides to fix all your issues with MacBook

  • Do press and hold the power button for some seconds until your device gets turned off
  • After that release the power button
  • Wait for some time again and do turn on the power button to switch on your computer
  • Disconnect all the extension cables like USB wires or Fire wire devices except mouse and the apple keyboard
  • The user should not forget to disconnect any third party hardware devices like non-Apple RAM or other PCI cards. After disconnection, restart your Apple device
  • If this method solves the problem of booting up, try reconnecting the device one by one. firstly the USB cable and followed by the other until you get to identify which external device causes the problem
  • If it doesn’t work, take a look at Mac Screen article

Other Method: Try to start your Mac using Safe Mode.

  • To do this, turn on your Mac device and press and hold the shift key until you get to see Apple logo.
  • If you get successfully started up in safe mode, then go to Apple menu> Apple Store
  • Click updates and then install if any updates available

If this method doesn’t work then go for the following method

Use Apple Hardware Test for Diagnostics

This Apple Technical Support software help to identify if any hardware devices that user installed is defective or improperly installed, etc.

Steps to do Hardware Test

  • For Macs devices versions of 2013 or later, use Apple Diagnostics software that is inbuilt in your device
  • If the user Mac device is from 2012 or earlier, use Apple Hardware Test software or system software disc which differs based on its OS versions and will available in your Mac device as the inbuilt one

Apple Hardware Test

  • Restart your Mac device
  • Press and hold D key while it restarts
  • Select your language and click the right arrow button
  • Try and start Apple Hardware Test, if detect problems, an alert message will get displayed
  • In that case, seek out for the Apple Support Number provider

The user will get the solutions if they anyone these steps. But even after following all the above steps, if you still can’t get solution try seeking for the best MacBook Customer Support service provider.

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